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No stone unturned.

When you next come too, you are aware of two things.

One, you're nearly being suffocated by your own fat again, this time because your laying in a strange position.

Two, you're ravenously hungry. So much so any other questions or worries are pushed out of your mind, such that the very first word out of your mouth is "FOOD!" An entire cow is immediately dropped in front of you, which you then devour messily.

Once you're sated, you roll yourself onto your stomach, and push yourself up, to find Drake lying a short distance from you. He smiles and gestures to his side, where another two head of cattle lay ready for the taking. You dig into them as well, until you're sucking on bones, and so bloated you're not sure if you can move anymore.

"I have some news."

"Huh?" You ask, somewhat dull from fullness.

"We found your well."

That perked you up. "Really?" You ask excitedly, trying to stand, but you find you are simply to full and heavy to manage it.

"Yep. In this world, no one ever built around it. It's just a stony hole in the ground."

"Which I nearly died in."

"Right. But I got you out in the end."

"How did you manage that, by the way?"

Drake grins again, and issues a spout of flame from his mouth. He increases the intensity, and focuses the flame tighter and tighter, until he starts to slide backward across the ground.

"Rocket power!" You realize.

"I have no idea what that means, but sure. Combine that with vigorous flapping, and I just managed to lift you out."

"Well, thank you, again. You saved my life."

"Of course. However, I don't think your well is quite what you thought it was."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not a wishing well. We have real ones in this world, but they run out of wishes quite quickly, and there are limits on what they grant. I've never seen any myself, but I'm certain this is certainly not one."

"Then what is it?"

Drake holds up a small stone. "Do you recognize this?"

"That's the stone I threw in the well!" Sure enough, it was the same pebble, right down to the moss.

"You had it wrapped tightly in your tail when I pulled you out. I think this well is a permanent portal between your world and mine."

"Then, I could use it to go back home?"

Drake looks apologetic. "Well, if you could fit."

"Oh, right..." Stupid obesity.

"But...I went through it, just for a quick peek."


Drake nods excitedly. "It didn't look too much different, except for the well, but in the distance there was this cluster of bright lights. There must have been hundreds of them!"

"That would be the city. It's where I was before I ended up here."

"I've been thinking about that. This well must be what caused all this to happen to you. You threw a rock down it, which breached the two worlds, and then you found my bones in that world, which connected you and me through the breach. Then reality just brought you to me, in form and location."

"So, it's not going to grant me any wishes."

"No, I'm afraid not."

I sighed, and clutched my soft stomach. With that came a sudden realization. "Am I even bigger!?"

Drake eyed the ground. "Perhaps a bit."

"What happened! I've been here for weeks and I haven't gained or lost a pound till now."

"Well, when you put your tail through the well, I think you rejoined your old world slightly, so, for a while after that, you're going to have your old appetite, and your old tendency to..."

"Pork out."

"If you like. You've been growling for food in your sleep for days."


"I think the shock of touching your world, but not entering it messed with your head. You were nearly catatonic, except for the eating. And I kept you fed as well as I could."

You groan. Great, now you're even fatter.

"But you've been satisfied with less and less. Today you ate less than half the cows you ate yesterday. I think it's wearing off."

"Right, and then I'll just be left a gelatinous blob forever."

“Well, now, don’t lose all hope. As long as the old world effect is present, you should be able to change your weight, just as you used too. How do people in your world lose weight?”

“Eating less and exercising, mostly.”

“Then let’s do that.” He beams. “I’m sure you’ll slim down in no time.”

That does give you some hope, at least.

He grabs a handful of your chest and shakes it, sending waves throughout your body. “Even though I’ll miss my big soft friend.”

You blush a bit. “Yeah, well, I miss being smaller and firmer.”

“Why don’t we start in the morning? The sun will be setting soon.”

Sure enough, the bright disk was nearly touching the horizon.

“Alright.” you sigh. You find yourself dreading the physical effort that all of this will take.

Drake turns back to the palace, and you...try your best to claw across the ground, around your layers and rolls. You only manage to crawl forward a few feet, before Drake comes back to offer assistance. Begrudgingly, you accept; you’re too big to offer any kind of resistance right now anyway.

He braces his forelegs against you and pushes, but almost immediately disappears into your side. He tries to pull himself out, squirming around inside your flab, which tickles immensely. You shimmy a bit, trying to shake him out, and eventually he worms back into the open air.

“Alright, that’s not going to work.” He responds,

You suggest he…

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