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Out of the dark.

Your dragon lungs are much bigger than your old ones. They were made to bring huge amounts of oxygen to your wings for flight. And so, you find you have several minutes before you feel the effects of suffocation. But they consist of nothing but warm darkness. Your forelegs and head are completely buried. Moving them in any direction, you encounter only your own obese body, like an endless ocean of you.

Your hind legs are free to swing in the air, of course, but the walls of the hole are too far from them for you to touch anything.

You still feel Drake's claws, gripping tightly to your horns, providing some small comfort that you have not been forgotten. But you re unable to avoid considering your possible death. This was never how you imagined going; transformed into a dragon, overfed into morbid obesity with some mystery milk, and drowned in your own gelatinous body.

Before long, a burning begins in your chest. Your air has run out. Panic sets in, and you start to thrash your hind end violently, looking for any purchase on the walls of the hole.

Sensation does eventually arrive, not from you legs, but from your tail. With a splash, it lands in the water below. Which can only mean that you've sunk further into the hole. Even with the burning in your lungs, you manage to restrain yourself, lest you enhance your doom.

The water on your tail feels strange, almost like it's penetrated the surface from underneath, the tip feels colder, and you could swear you felt a breeze across it.

You don't have time to think about it much. Before long you start to black out. Just as you do, you feel the force on your horns increase ten-fold, and your tail is pulled from the water. Like toothpaste from a tube, you flow up the sides of the tunnel and spill over the edges, until you roll forward onto the grass. It's too late to stop yourself from going unconscious, but you manage to take a breath of sweet fresh air.

You're vaguely aware of Drake standing over you, calling your name, but you soon slip out of reality.

Written by flabbingup

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