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Munch in

Even though the dragon had handed you the smallest of the bunch, you don't mind. The dragon and Jessie are both way bigger then you. Jessie is almost thrice the size of the dragon and has fat overflowing everywhere. On the other hand, the dragon isn't fat. Instead bulges of muscle protrude from his body, he looks very strong. As you tear into the gut of the pig like a pack of hungry wolves, you savor the taste. The juicy, greasy roasted pig meat almost melts in your mouth because of the fat.

Jessie is the first to finish her pig. She moans as the grease dribbles down her chin as she beckons for another. The dragon tosses her a pig that doubled the size of her first one. She tore into it like there was no tomorrow. You start working on the rear of the pig. As you eat you think about how if the things hadn't happened, what you would have thought if you were to eat a pig's rump.

As the last of your pig disappears you suddenly feel sick. Could it be because you had stuffed yourself with a pig almost as big as you? Or is it the werewolf venom going through your system? You fall over face first onto Jessie's soft flesh. It didn't hurt. The dragon looks at you and suddenly slaps himself.

"Crap! I forgot the plant!" He quickly drops his pig and runs out. Moments later he has a greenish liquid in a veil. He hands it to you and beckons you to drink it.

Written by Shubeko

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