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You take a closer look.

Jessie's belly grumbles uncontrollably. The miniature earthquake shake you up and down. In order to stop yourself from sliding off of her gut you grab a handful of fat and fur and hang for dear life. After a couple seconds of getting flinged up and down the grumbling stops.

In order to distract yourself from the hunger you take a closer look at Jessie. She has beautiful green eyes that shine like a gem. Probably tired due to the lack of food she closes her eyes and sort of falls asleep. More of a resting state then sleep.

In the distance you hear heavy footsteps. The dragon is back! You quickly shake her belly waking her up.

"The dragon is coming back! Food!" You said happily. You see Jessie's face light up like a light bulb as the dragon enters the section of the cave you are in, in that exact moment. On his back is a sack bulging from the large quantities of food.

Jessie starts drooling, on top of you, but you don't care. The dragon sets the large and heavy looking bag onto the cave floor and pulls out three roast pigs. He tosses the largest one to Jessie, takes the second largest for himself, and gives the smallest to you. If you had matched Jessie in size

Written by Shubeko

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