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You drink the liquid

Foamy bubbles rise to the surface of the potion. You close your eyes and quickly gulp it all down. All of a sudden a warm feeling engulfs you. The werewolf bite is gone! You feel something getting sucked back into yourself.

"So you are actually a male kitsune!" The dragon exclaims. Jessie is on her fourth pig and is getting considerably bigger. Yet she shows no sign of stopping and is still devouring the pigs with the ferocity she had earlier when they were starved. You on the other hand was full to the brim.

The dragon cocks his head in interest and watches you. You don't notice. You look at Jessie and suddenly realizes something. She is huge! Not because of just the pigs but she is huge. You slowly get up and with considerable effort waddle to Jessie's head. You suddenly fall backwards and land in a mound of flesh.

The girth of Jessie jiggles uncontrollably. Well maybe because she is so much bigger then you. Bits of pig and grease fall on you but you don't mind. You lick up the juicy bits.

"Well there is more food in the sack over there. If you need it just come and grab it." He suddenly realizes that either of you could hardly move around. So he grabs the slack and rests it on one of Jessie's mounds of flesh.

Jessie moans in pleasure as the hot food warms her flesh. She keeps eating but slower and not as fast.

Written by Shubeko

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