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The transformations begin...

As you pull off the singlet, you realise that your skin's a lot dirtier than usual - did the costume rub off on you or something...? You rub at a greasy patch just above your belly-button, but it simply re-appears seconds after you wipe it off. You remove the singlet completely, and find that you're completely covered in filth - your skin is coated in a thick layer of dirt and grime, and even your hair has gotten greasier, and some even seems to be falling out... You brush a hand through your dirty mop of hair, and a large clump pulls away from the centre - it is falling out!

You quickly turn to the mirror, to find a balding, dirty man, who looks almost recognisable. As you watch, more of your hair seems to start... moving towards your chin. You gape in shock as your previously full head of hair dwindles to a few measly threads, while a thick, scraggly beard begins growing over your chin. Within seconds, you have a month-old rug covering your face. You suddenly realise that more hair is poking out all over your body - you look down at your arms to find a miniature forest sprouting on your normally smooth skin. It rapidly thickens, and soon your skin practically disappears under the tangled mess of curls. Checking your legs reveals the same has happened to them. The damage isn't so bad on your torso, though - the fur is mostly focused on your chest and lower stomach, leaving most of the skin free. It's still quite dirty, however.

You groan and turn away from the mirror - you need to find a bathroom or something...

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