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Getting chubby, are we?

You're reaching for the handle of the stall when you suddenly feel bloated; your body feels several times heavier than normal, and find yourself on the bench. You move to get up, when the bloating sensation returns, stronger than before. You groan and double over, clutching at your stomach...

...and that's when you start growing. You suddenly realise that your flat stomach seems to be growing softer, and look down in confusion to find a definite curve around your mid-section. You straighten with a bit of difficulty, and poke the growing mound experimentally. The jolt of pain makes you jump, and suddenly you begin swelling in earnest. Your small gut rapidly balloons, quickly growing into a rather large beer belly. Your flat pecs inflate dramatically, swelling to match your new gut, which is still growing - it now hangs several centimetres over the belt, which is pulled painfully tight around your swollen waistline. You loosen it with a grunt, noticing that your fingers have inflated, as have your arms and legs - you're growing at a preposterous rate! As the pants grow taught around your thick thighs and calves, your face begins to inflate, growing chubbier and wider - your chin swells and doubles, then triples, while your shoulders thicken with heavy fat. Needless to say, your neck disappears completely under the tide of blubber.

You groan as your weight seems to slow and stabilise, and the transformation stops. Panting, you pick up the singlet and pull it on over your jiggling body, then slowly turn to the mirror...

Written by an anonymous author

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