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The slob outfit

You go for the Slob outfit right away, although you're not exactly sure why. You shrug it off as just a random whim, and grab it anyway. After lugging the costume to a change room and closing the door, you take a closer look.

The costume comes in several parts, generally things that a "slob" would wear - a dirty, grease-stained singlet, a pair of worn jeans, two shoes with holes in them, and some underwear that you really don't want to wear. You take a look at the tag, too:



Gender: Male

Transformative: Yes

Please note: All stains and marks are purely aesthetic - the costume is, in fact, clean.


The last comment comes as a relief, and you decide to put on the costume. After stripping completely naked, you start dressing into the outfit. After pulling on the underwear (which are actually fine) you put on the jeans and tighten the worn belt. The shoes go on next, and finally the singlet, which hangs loosely off your shoulders. You realise that everything's far too big for you, like they've been made for someone a lot bigger. Then again, this is a "slob" outfit, so you guess the wearer's meant to be a fat guy.

After taking a look at yourself in the mirror, you decide to change back into your normal clothes. But, when you move to take off the singlet...

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