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Worse for ware.

The next few days result in a drastict shift in the packs behavior. Now with the cause of the massive weight gain identified, people are a little less on edge, though all that nervious energy seems to have plunged everyone into a sort of depression. The Alpha lead an effort to take down the wall between Cameron and the courtyard, though you can tell the work was half hearted at best, but eventually the wall is opened and with a lot of pushing from the entire pack, they manage to roll Cameron out into the courtyard, looking all the world like the worlds biggest furry water balloon.

Bob still sits in the kitchen, which is to far into the castle to find any way to get him out of there. A few wolves had to be rescued from their pinned positions, but nobody was seriously injured, though embarassment was high all around. Taking up a good portion of the room has made it so that only a few members can actually move about in the kitchen without literally climbing over someone elses bulky form.

As big as Cameron and Bob are though, you are more the elephant in the room. The pack generally falls completely silent whenever you enter a room, too afraid of saying something that may set off the ring and add to their weight. Despite no longer being the object of wraith, this new isolation has left you feeling completely abandoned, as everyone sits quiet, looking dejectedly at their feet or into food bowls around you. At least before people were still bustling with activity, and you would have plenty of company on the track. Now though the only person with you during your work out is Cameron, who can only wobble a paw in your direction in support of your efforts. Not that anyone is working out in their spare time anymore anyway.

About the castle wolves are just moping about, aware that no amount of exercize would help slim them down, and the amount of weight keeping them from their usual level of activity as either space, energy, and motivation becomes too limited for them to make the effort. Even with everyone watching their comments, the collective depressed larthegy that has hit the pack has left eating as the most common activity, resulting in the already strained waistlines expanding not from magic, but simple overeating and lack of exercize, leading to issues of wolves getting stuck in doorways, and blockades of fur and fat where wolves become wedged trying to pass one another in the hall.

Your working out as hard as you can, trying every night to remove the ring, though your obstinantly slow weight loss makes it clear that it will be months, if not years before you get anywhere close to reaching a size that will allow you to pry the ring of your fat finger. However, about a week after the incident, someone knocks on your door. You open it to see a wall of belly before you see Ray's face. "The alpha wants to see you," he says quietly through his fat cheeks, not bothering to engade in anymore talking before he lumbers down the hall his rotund form bouncing with every labored step.

You head to the meeting room, having to take a detour the long way around when you come across a pile up where two wolves are squeezed together like a pair of corks viaing for space in the opening of a bottle. Knocking, you here a "Come in," before you enter, wondering what the Alpha has planned...

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