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Alpha Aid

As the room bursts into a number of complaints, curses, and yells about the current predicament, you relize that in the commotion you have almost forgotten the reason you were here in the first place. "OH, CAMERON!" you yell, drawing the attention on a number of pack members, including the Alpha. "He's still trapped!" you say, then turn to the door and start making your way towards it. The Alpha and a number of others follow you as you lead the way back to Cameron's room, leaving the immobilized Bob still wobbling in the kitchen. "HEY, WHAT aBOUT ME!" you here him cry as you turn down the corridor back to the room.

What greets your eyes as you as you appoach first looks like a pillow laying halfway out the door, but as you approach, you see the curve of a roll of fur and flab sticking out of the door and into the hall. Did Cameron manage to try and get out the door? As you get there you see that there is no such luck, as the buldge of Cameron's stomach continues into the room, spilling over everything else in the room. Cameron sits where he was before, wobbling his blobby arms as he tries to move, massive flaps of flab jiggling up his forearms. His face is almost lost between the massive cheeks that frame it. "Cameron are you okay!?" you yell from the hall, tempted to climb up his massive slope to make sure he was still breathing.

"Y...Yeah..." comes a muffled reply, "I..I'm...so... full... URP...!" he belches, and you swear his stomach pushes outwards just a little bit more. The Alpha is by your side, you look back and see that eveyrone else is having difficulty keeping up, massive bulks causing a pileup in the hallways behind you as everyone tries to squeeze through to see. "Cameron, we've found the cause of the weight gain, Max pulled one of his tricks again. The Omega's ring reacts to negative insults and actions against the wearer, no matter how insignificant, so you can't joke around about him until we figure out a way to get it off." He explains quickly, before Cameron can say anything else.

"O...okay... won't... joke... URP!" he attempts, the effort of speaking difficult for him. The alpha pushes into Camerons belly, testing to see how much it will move. His paws sink into it like a giant bean bag filled with jello, sending ripples and waves throughout Camerons body, but not budging his bulk in the slightest. "This is no good, we're not going to be able to move him, even if he wasn't to huge for the door. We'd have to take out the outer wall, then maybe we can roll him into the courtyard..." He says, and takes notice of you standing there. "You on the otherhand need to get to the courtyard and start working out, double time, while we discuss alternatives to get that ring off." he orders, "We'll take care of things here." He looks a bit overwhelmed at the prospect, but you head out obediantly, wondering what will happen next...

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