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Childs play

With no real higher goals in mind, you wander about the swamp aimlessly, your attention drawn to whatever catches your eye at any particular moment. For a few hours you are captivated by a line of ants crawling up and down a tree. When that bores you move on to making lines near a puddle to create little channels for the water to flow into. When the puddle becomes to small to continue this, you abandon the game and walk around swinging a stick at low hanging branches to watch leaves fall as you hit them. All in all you're little more then a child exploring the woods and making up his own games as he goes along.

Eventually you do begin getting hungry again, but you don't remember the way back to the tree with the yummy fruit from before, and you don't know where to get anything else. You try some bark and mushrooms, only to find they don't taste very good, and so spit it out, sniffling as you feel sorry for yourself at not having any food. As you do you smell something. You're not sure what it is, but it does smell good, and you register it as something edible, so you begin looking anew, following your nose until you see a small light between the trees. from which the smell emanates, so your are quick to follow it, entering a small clearing where you find...

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