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IQ down

Quite frankly, your tired of this, you don't really care if the thing is going to throw a temper tantrum, your hungry. You toss the fruit, and it's passanger of to the side, and pick another fruit from the tree, quickly biting into it and swallowing it. To be honest, it's more like a pear then anything else. It has a strange after taste the is kind of sweet and cloy, but not bad. "NO! NO! BAD JUJU!" yells Nudge at your feet, but you ignore him, picking another fruit and eating it. You don't feel any negative effects, so it's probably just the thing wanting the fruit himself. Just one more and you can start looking for...

Looking for...

What was it called again? An old building made of stone. Maybe you can ask tthe old lady about it when you find it. But first you're hungry, better eat a bit more of the yummy fruit. You pop a few more into your mouth, savoring it before reaching for another. "Gobblegut! No eat Shumi fruit!" yells the annoying thing, but you simple shoo it away as you eat more. The yummy sweet stuff coming out of the wood thing is really good, but you need to... something... need to... What was it now? Your stomach rumbles, it must need more sweet stuff. Yummy. You eat more and more of the fruit, unaware of the effect it is having on you.

When you have had your fill, you look around, a little perplexed. Theres a little thing yelling at you on the ground, though your not sure what language it is speaking. You can't remember what exactly you were doing when you got here, or where here is. Not that it registers as important, you get up and rub your swollen belly, and action that feels really good because it's full and soft. You wonder if you can find something soft to lay on. Then maybe you can find something else yummy to eat. You lumber off even as the little blue man continues yelling at you.

By now of course you don't realize that you were trying to find the castle, or that your form was not your own, the fruit of the tree having stript you of much of your understanding and higher reasoning, leaving you with little more then simpleminded curiousity and instinct to drive you. You simply forgot everything you were doing for something more immediate. Of course this leaves you with the question of what do you do now?

Written by Spots

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