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Twist in the tale.

As you enter the clearing, you find a cottage standing in the middle of it, a light shinging in one of the windows. Of course it's not exactly an ordinary cottage, not that you realize this. The shape seems familiar to you, though your unable to place the image before you, which anyone else would immediatly recognize for many a holiday picture, a gingerbread house with an icing roof, sugar windows, wafer shutters, frosted and decorated with candy and sweets far larger then any one could possibly encounter even in a novelty candy store. Ever the land leading up to the house seems to be edible, with gumdrop cobble stones, marshmellow flowers and a peppermint gate surrounding the whole thing.

Of course the significance of all this is lost on you, as all you register is that there is something yummy smelling in front of you, and go up to the fence, lick it, and then tear off a piece and begin eating it, enthralled by the sugar sweet taste. You work wour way through the fence and across the candy lawn, leaving a path where you have torn up and devoured sweets before you reach the side of the house, covered in sudges of chocolate and crumbs before you finally start on the house itself.

As you tear off a shutter and dig in, a nagging feeling goes off in the back of your mind, though the lure of candy overpowers any subconcious warnings your dulled mind give you about the obvious references this scenereo presents. And as if on cue, the moment you begin eating the house, a voice comes from inside. "nibble nibble little mouse, who is nibbling on my... Oh lord what the heck is that!" The voice comes from an old woman who has just come around the corner from the front of the house. Her hair is white and wirery, her nose long, her clothing rathe old, and the distinctive pointy hat the epitamy of witch pictures recognized worldwide. You think she looks like a nice old lady.

"You... stop eating my house!" she says, trying to shoo you away from her cottage, "How did you manage to get in here?" You blink in confusision, not understanding a word of it. Taking another bite of the shutter, you look at it, before snapping it in half and offering it to the woman, grinning like a child trying to make a friend. "Stop that!" she says, pushing it away, "That's not for you, you big fat lumox!" You don't understand the words, but you hear the anger in her tone, which hurts. Your lip begins quivering, and your vision goes blurry with tears before you give off a loud wail.

The witch recoils from the sound, "Cut it OUT!" she yells, but the tone only makes you bellow louder. "Oh for christ sake." she mutters, and graps a gaint lolipop from her yawn, "Hey, LOOK!" she yells in a more friendly tone, waving the giant sweet in front of you. Your attention drawn, you stop crying before grabbing the sucker and begin licking it, your tantrum totally forgotten.

"A big baby huh?" the witch says to herself. "Wasn't expecting my wards to draw in something like you, whatever you are. Now what am I going to do with you?" she ponders to herself as you slurp on the lolipop in utter ignorance...

Written by an anonymous author

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