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Before you can make up your mind to speak up, someone else does it for you. One blobby form stands upraising a finger at you, and you recognize Bob, still bearing half heald sctraches from this morning. "It's all that fat omega's fault!" he yells, stabbing his finger in accusation. You feel a small knot in your throat as eyes turn to you, "Everything was fine until he showed up, and then suddenly everyone starts getting as fat as him! Look at Cameron, he spends all his time with him and he's the fattest one of us here! If that's not proof enough that he's doing something I'm a damn poodle!"

A few wispers pass between some of the pack members, and you see a few heads nodding in agreement, leading to a number of accusitory glances your way. Things arn't looking good for you. But Bob's not finished there, "I say we hang him up by his fat ankles untill he confesses and changes us all back!" he cries out, looking at you with what you can only deem to be murder in his eyes. A number of other wolves let loose a bit of a growl. Glancing around you see there's not much room for escape, any exit would require manuvering about several large bodies before reacing the door, all anyone wuld need to do is block it and you'd be stuck. Even the Alpha is examining you with quiet consideration, and you can't help but feel like your a lamb before the slaughter.

Finally the Aplha raises a hand, and the assembly quites down to hear his verdict...

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