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Gathering of the Gorged

You stay with Cameron, giving him a hand in getting through the doors and more cramped corridors of the castle, having to walk behind him most of the way since he simply takes up too much space now to walk besides. You have a few aquard moments when others have to pass him in the opposite direction, the fattened wolves having to clammer and sqeeze and practically climb their way over Camerons bulk to get by. The two of you head to the courtyard for your daily exercizes. Bob and Ray are already there, along with the good majority of the pack still under the delusion that they can somehow salvage their waistlines.

Cameron's attempts at running have slowly deminished over the course of his gain, at this point he can't keep pace with you, his burden keeping him an a weary trudge as he tries to complete a circuit, his bulk jiggling and wobbling all the way. Your a bit hesitant to take the lead though with Bob around, instead keeping Cameron company while you 'jog in place'.

Eventually the afternoon comes and the pack crowds into the meeting room. Or at least tries. The cumulative area that the pack takes up has somewhat overgrown the area actually available in the room with the table and chairs in the way, not that anyone can actually sit down without risking crushing either the chair, or falling into somone elses frame, which at this close quarters results in a domino effect as bellies rebound knock into each other like a ocean tide. Eventually the chairs and table are moved out of the room to allow the full pack room, even with Cameraon taking up an entire corner by himself.

Finally the Alpha arrives, who, to your surprise, looks no different then when you first saw him. Somehow he's managed to keep his trim figure even as everyone else has lost theirs. "I see everyone is here, so let's get started," he says, taking the only seat left in the room, which he easily fits into to the envy of every other wolf. "Obviously what has happened over the last few months is not natural, the only question is the cause. If one of our enemies is causing this, we obviously have a problem, and our current state makes us more vulnerable, so we need figure this out swiftly. Has anyone seen anything suspicious that may be the cause."

You try to think if you've seen anything. The only things you come up with seem to link the incident to you, after all, it seemed to start after you showed up, but was that just coincidence? You don't know, and should you draw suspicion on yourself like that, after all your still just the omega...

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