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A fair judgement for once.

The question to Bob hangs silent in the air for a moment, before Bob comes to his senses and realizes it's meant for him. "What? I mean... look at him and look at us!" he says, "It's got to be him!" The Apha gives him a stern look, "That is a 'no' then." he states, "May I remind you that the Omega is one of our brothers now, and until there is actual evidense of a crime, we do not haphazardly accuse one of our own of betrayal without good reason." You swear you could leap up and cheer right now. "But... Look at Cameron..." Stammers Bob, pointing to Camerons engorged form sitting in the corner. "Or we let him speak." says the Alpha, "Cameron, I assigned you to keep an eye on our new Omega as is customary for new members of the pack, has he at any time shown by word or deed anything that would link him to this?"

All eyes turn to Cameron, who struggles to rise to his feet, his form shifting from side to side as he tries to steady his mass. "Every day I have seen the Omega come to our meals and eat with us, then go into the yard and exercise with us. I havn't seen anything that he has done that would make him responsible for this. In my opinion though, something on this scale would involve magic, which I don't think the Omega knows enough about to be responsible for."

The Alpha nods approvingly. "As you can see, there is no justification for your accusation. But Cameron is right, something like this would require magic. Therefore, I am going to cntact Max and have him come to investigate the matter. In the mean time..." he turns his gaze on Bob, "You will do nothing further to act on your accusations. Understood?" Bob looks down, though you see the frustration on his face. "Yes, sir." he growls through his chubby features, though a sideways glance shows his inner fury at once again being thwarted.

With that, the Alpha ajorns the meeting, and wolves begin squeezing out the door one by one. Your are left relieved that it seems the Alpha doesn't blame you. Your only worry now is how safe you really are now that Bob's accusation is now floating around in the heads of the rest of the pack...

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