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First steps of 1000 miles...

The next day you measure your waist again. There is not much difference, however, the knot is a few centameters less then the day before. At this point your willing to take any victory you can get. At least you are moving in the right direction, albeit much more slowly then you would like. Considering this was with a ring that is helping you, you wonder how badly it would be going if you didn't have it.

Of course the packs teasing doesn't lay up. Each day your still subjecting to taunts and general cracks about your weight, though as the omega, you've found that's pretty much your job is to be at the bottom of the pecking order. All you can really do is bare with it and hope that eventually you manage to find a way out of that role.

By the end of the week, you've managed to lose about an inch and a half inches about your weight with your daily alloitment of exercize. You make a new mark indicating your progress and get back to work. Each week you make a new mark makeing slow progress. By the end of the first month, you've lost 5 inches in total. It is a much slower pace then you'd like. To the untrained eye you don't really look all that different then when you started. However, you notice a difference. Though padded, your muscles have developed from your daily struggles. You find yourself carrying yourself much easier then before, even though your still a wide load, your getting a lot stronger then you were.

Much more interesting though is what seems to be happening to the rest of the pack...

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