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Seasonal weight

While you have been struggling to slim down, you can't help but notice a strange occurrence that seems to be happening with the other members of the pack. You first start noticing it in the kitchen while everyone is making jabs at your expense. Usually you could say that you haven't seen anyone in the pack who isn't chiseled, or at the very least thin as a rake. The fact that your the only fatso in a group that could probably all compete for the title of Mr Universe only makes your efforts all the more frustrating, but over a course of weeks, you begin to see... well, a lack of definition going about. You've seen the pack undertake a lot of physical activity, as groups go they are highly active, and highly competitive, and activity that could be turned into a competition usually is, wither simply walking to the other side of the castle, or having eating competitions in the kitchen. Even if you account for a number of these that take place, the amount energy going about in their other activities makes it strange that a number of wolves have become a bit more pudgy in the time you've been there.

At the end of your first month, you see that a fair number of wolves now sport a keg instead of a six pack, though nobody seems to even take notice of the event. Confused, you ask Cameron about during one of your work outs. Cameron himself was the picture of fitness when you got there, which you can expect as he is the beta, but even he has apparently let himself go, a round tummy in place where once was muscle. "Is it just me or are people getting... a bit fatter around here?" you ask cautiously, not knowing what kind of response you'll get. Cameron chuckles a bit as he does his chin ups on the bar, "Don't worry, nobodies competing to take your place as big wolf on campus," he says in his usual jest, "It's just that time of the year. Wolves have a tendency to put on a little bit of weight towards the winter months to deal with surviving in a harsher climate, and werewolves tend to share that in common with them. Everyone is just experience that seasonal shift, trust me it's normal."

With that cleared up, you stop thinking about it for a while. It even makes you feel a bit better about your progress. You figure that your slow progress is just because your working out at a time when your body is less reluctant to let the weight go with the falling temperatures. However, as the next month drags on, you begin to notice that the little bit of weight that the pack is gaining is starting to add up. Some of the wolves are starting to show a bit more wobble in their step, the fall clothing they had switched to begins to show strain, shirts start to be half buttoned up as stomachs swell a bit larger then what they had apparently planned.

"Are you sure this is normal?" you ask Cameron during one of your jogs, watching as Cameron stomach bounces in front of him as he keeps pace. Cameron has also swelled with the season, what was a pot belly has budged out to include love handles, and your pretty sure you see a bit of a second chin starting to form under his muzzle. "Well, I've got to admit, I think we may have let ourselves go a bit much this year. No worries though, I doubt anyone can come close to breaking your record." he chuckles again, but you swear you hear a little bit of a pant included, "I'll talk to the alpha about cutting back on portion sizes, that should set things strait."

"I guess" you say, still a bit worried, it just seems strange to you. Your not familiar with exactly how much werewolf weight fluctuates, but it seems a bit of a familiar scene to you. But maybe Cameron is right and they are just having an off year. Thing are probably normal right?

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