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Waist Measurment

You wake up in the morning, groaning as you roll your bulk over and sit up. You don't feel too sore, despite your work out, and as the day before you feel the buzz of energy from the ring pumping through your system. You lumber to your feet and look in the mirror, trying to see if you've managed any significant progress in your journey to weight loss. Honestly you can't tell. There is so much of you to begin with, it masks any progress you may have made. You think maybe you've taken off a couple of inches, but without any real way to measuring, you can't be sure if you mind is just hoping to much. You should have probably measure your waist or weighed yourself before you started. Then you could tell. Unfortunatly you don't think a regular scale would go high enough to weigh you, not that an old castle like this would have one anyway. However, you can measure your waist.

You rummage about until you find a spool of string. After a bit of struggling, you manage to unwind it about you until you can pull it taunt about your middle, making not of where exactly your measuring from as to be accurate later. You make a knot and cut it so that it can slide up and down the length, marking your current measurement with a pen and reknoting the ends. Now you'll be able to keep track of your progress, though as you take a look at how wide around you are, you feel a flush of embarassment as the length exceeds your height.

You head out to find food, coming across the kitchen where a number of wolves are getting breakfest. "Oh, watch your food everyone, the Lord of Lard has awoken!" A laugh goes through the room at the comment, and you feel your cheeks go red with embarassment. "Give me a break," you say outloud, only get to get the response "Do you need any more snack breaks?" Followed by another round. You see were this is going and stalk over to get something to eat in silence. Of course your meal is spent enduring pokes at your size, but you tell yourself that it's just because your the new guy. Wait until you work it off and then you'll be fine.

You spend the rest of the day back in training, running laps and putting yourself through the ringer with exercize after exercize until your panting so hard your stomach looks like a oceam in a storm. You try spend as little time in the kitchen as you can to avoid being poked fun at, working your way to the end of another day and falling asleep hoping that your measurements tomorrow will show some progress...

Written by Spots

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