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A good start.

With renewed vigor, you start training in the courtyard, which the werewolves have set up a sort of track for you to use, though they have also taken the opportunity to set up a field for there own use, playing football while you begin jogging. Of course running on the track in your condition draws a bit of baiting from the rest of the pack, who point and make comments about the whale that somehow made it's way into the castle. Not that you can really say you don't look the part when every step sends your body shimmying and swaying in waves. Fortunately the burst of energy your getting from the ring keeps you from collapsing from exhaustion after the first few steps, letting you run for a good few hours before the rush starts to wear off, and your pace begin to slow, your tongue flapping out as you pant, finally coming to a stop, bending over as you try catching your breath.

"That all you got in you?" yells one of the werewolves, "Good luck losing that gut any time soon." You look down , griping your expance in both hands. While your obviously still big, your feel a bit lighter, though you can't tell if it's because you've shed a few pounds or if it's just your imagination brought on the extra energy. Still your not about to admit defeat at the fist crack at your expense. "Oh I'm not done yet!" you yell back, trying to sound confident, moving on to the next set of exercises, push-ups and sit-ups. You manage a good deal before finally your muscles start to cramp up on you.

Finally your forced to pack it in for the day. Your not entirely sure what kind of progress you've made just yet, but your hoping that you'll be able to notice a difference after you've rested. You still feel a kind of buzz from the the ring, still working to enhance your werewolf powers you guess. You wonder if you should take the ring off as you sleep, but as you try you find it stuck, while it slip on easy enough, your paws are still too fat, and it has become stuck tight, your flesh bulging around it as you tug. You guess you'll have to weight until you've slimmed down before it'll come lose. Still, it should keep your metabolism going strong, maybe that'll burn off more as your rest. So you go to your room and get comfortable, finally falling asleep.

When you wake you find...

Written by Spots

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