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Energy booster

Inside the box is a silver colored ring with a green gemstone embeded in it. There are a few runic symbols engraved into the band, giving it an ancient, mystically look that you probably should expect from something that is supposed to be magical. Hesitantly you pick it up to examine it closer. "So, this will get rid of my fat?" you ask Max. Max shrugs a bit, "Eh, maybe, couldn't hurt." he says nonchilantly. "Wait, I thought you said this is supposed to help, how do you not know?" You ask a bit flustered.

"Cause I don't you whipper snapper." he retorts, "You asked me for something to help, and that's your best bet, because 'instant weight loss solutions' is not something that people have in mind when they create magical artifacts." He looks just as annoyed as you do. "So what exactly DOES it do then?" you ask. "It's an old magical enhancer. Normally wizard use them to boost the effectiveness of their magic, but werewolves can use it to enhance there own powers, and since that involves speeding up our motabolism and healing rate, if anythings going to get a chub like you into shape faster, that's it. If your not satisfied with that, give it back and go run some laps on your own." He says, reaching for the ring.

"No, no, that's fine," you say, pulling the ring out of his reach, figuring something was better then nothing. "Thank you, I'm very greatful for your help." You say, trying to make up for your disrespect. "Hmmm, sure you are." he says in a sarcastic tone," and turns his back on you, "Now skidaddle out of here, I got some R&A to catch up on."

"By that he means drinking." says Cameron, "Thank's Max, I'll tell the Alpha you gave your regards." Max turn around and give a grandfatherly expression, "Tell that young pup grampa Max will send him something special on his brithday."

The two of you walk away, the ring still in your paw, "Max is the Alpha's grandfather?" you ask, curious about the relationship. "No, but he's old enough to have been there at his bith, as he has for most of us. He used to be the Alpha himself you know." That seems surprising, as you can't really picture the scraggily old wolf as the intimidating and powerful figure the Alpha presented himself as to you. "You got your ring though, that should speed things up a bit."

"Right..." you agree, slipping the ring on. You feel a slight tingle, and an energized feeling overtakes you, as if you'd just had a shot of caffine. "So when do we start?" you ask in a speedy tone of someone with energy to burn, "I'm ready to go, are you ready to go, because I'm ready to go!?" Cameron chuckles, "Great enthusiam, I'll show you to the couryard, you can work out there."

Written by Spots

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