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Mad Max

While you would like to be able to work off your weight, the simple fact is that your huge, and looking down at your bloated stomach that blocks any chance of seeing your feet, you jus feel like it's too much for you to work off no matter how you try. If there is something that can help you lose it, you would love that assistance. "So where is Mad Max?" you ask.

Your lead to a deeper level of the dungeon. All in all your impressed on how large an area the pack has managed to take as their territory. While Agatha inhabits a good portion of the upper levels, it appears that the lower levels are far more expansive, with tunnels that have been dug out and added to. There may as well be a city down here, you think, given all the passages you see offshooting from your path. Eventually you come to an opening, leaing into what looks like a natural cave, the place lighted from an opening in the cieling from which moonlight pours. "EH, wot's tat? Who's there?" comes a voice as you enter with Cameron. "Max, it's Cameron." says the beta, as a rather ancient looking wolf comes out of the shadow, leaning on an old cane. "Cameron? Cameron... Cameron... nope, don't know any Camerons, must have the wrong address." he says, turning away. "Max, you've known me since I was a pup." Cameron responds in an exasperated tone that tells you this is all too common, "I made your cane for your birthday? Remember?"

"Oh, CAMERON, well why didn't you say so." says the grizzled old wolf, turning around angain and giving the other a hug. He takes a look at you and give you a once over, then wispers to Cameron, "Don't say anything, but I think Aaron's let himself go a little." though you easily hear it. "ARON, how have you been?" he then says enthusiastically, "Looking good! Have you done something with your fur?" He gives you a big bear hug, and you feel thin, but rock hard muscles on the old wolfs wrinkled old hide.

"That's not Aron, Max, he's a newbie." Corrects Cameron, to which Max looks up, "He's not? Well why is he pretending to be him then?" giving you an accusitory glance. "I really didn't..." you start, but the old wolf cuts you off, "Pheh, no matter, all you youngin's look a like anyway." he hobbles over to a stone and take's a seat, "So what did you drag me out of bed for?" he asks, "I ain't as young as I used to be ya know, rob an old wolf of his beauty sleep, shame on you."

Cameron chuckles, "We both know you just guzzling moonshine you old goat. Anyway, we're here looking for a solution to this guys weight problem, got anything in back that will help?" Max considers, "Not sure we ever had needed anything like that. Let me see what I got." He robbles to his feet and goes into another passage. You here him rumaging through things, hearing clanks and bangs, and a few bells and whistle as he searches. "Let's see, no not that... maybe... no, that turns you into a duck... that turns you inside out... that one... actually I'll keep that one for later, heheheh... AH, perfect!"

You here him suffling back, and he appears with an old box in his hand. It's covered in dust with runes inscribed on it. "With any luck, this will do the trick." he says, and he opens the box to reveal...

Written by Spots

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