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Finally, we're making some progress.

You remember that you're still trapped, and look around the room again, but to no avail. Nothing's changed, but that's to be expected - all you did was gain a bit of weight. Okay, a lot, but that doesn't matter. You sigh and plonk down on the bed, and suddenly a loud *crack* sounds from under you. You jump up in shock, hen whirl around, only to find that nothing's happened. The bed's completely fine, apart from a large dent where you decided to put your ass. Maybe it was the floorboards? You get down onto your hands and knees (a task that is significantly harder with your extra weight) and look under the bed. It's dark, but you can clearly see a large crack under one of the legs - you must've broken it when you sat on the bed. Perhaps there's something hidden underneath - maybe the exit! You get back onto your feet, then try shoving the bed sideways. Sadly, it's a little too heavy - there's no way you'll be able to move it, even with your new body. You'll need another way of getting under there...

Inspiration hits, and you realise that with enough weight on the bed, you could break the floorboards. Your eyes travel around the room for something heavy, then you catch sight of yourself in the mirror. Maybe you could make yourself bigger? You walk over to the pile of clothes. If one shirt made you bigger, a larger one should do the same. You fish a shirt that has to be at least double your current size out of the pile - this should be more than enough. You're about to pull it on when you remember that you weren't able to change back before, when you took off the singlet. If you put this one on, you could be stuck as a 400 kg fatass for the rest of your life. Are you really willing to take that risk?

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