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You need some bigger clothes.

You gape in shock at the man in the mirror. He - in other words you - is huge! The previously huge singlet is lodged tightly around your jiggling man-tits and collosal beer gut, which hangs over your now super-tight belt by several centimetres. You must've gained at least 200kgs in the last minute - what the heck is up with this singlet? You try pulling it off in the hopes of reversing the transformation, but all that does is reveal your hairy belly and chest. You grimace at the sight, and pull the singlet back on. Looks like you're stuck like this for now. You sigh in exsparation and plonk down onto the bed.

Your heavy gut plops onto your furry thighs, which have torn through the fabric of your pants - you're essentially naked, apart from the singlet and your belt, which is still digging into your gut. You reach under the flabby mound and loosen the stubborn piece of leather with a grunt, and the pressure around your waist lessens. You need some bigger clothes. You glance over at the pile; surely something else couldn't hurt - you just have to make sure it isn't too big.

Several minutes later, you're dressed in a rather tight pair of briefs, along with a thankfully stretchy pair of pants. Sadly, you're stuck with just the singlet for your upper body - everything else is larger than you are currently, and you're not willing to take that risk. You take a look in the mirror again, and find that you don't actually look too bad - apart from being 200 kilos overweight, that is.

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