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You bulk up!

You're not willing to risk getting even fatter than you are now - 200kgs is fine, but 400? No thanks. Maybe there's another way to do this. You try searching through the pile for something else. Eventually, you find a large pair of red underpants, with a large golden buckle; sort of like what a heavy-weight wrestler would wear. Maybe it'll make you stronger! You take off your pants and underwear, and pull on the red pair. The fabric is stretched tightly around your swollen waist, and your stomach hangs several centimetres over it - at least you can be sure it won't make you fatter.

Your body suddenly becomes warm, and you start feeling heavier. The singlet starts growing tight around your already humungous chest, and your arms and legs begin thickening. Your gut also grows slightly, and the singlet rides up it and becomes trapped around your swelling breasts, which have begun to tear the fabric. You grimace as the garment grows tighter and tighter, but it finally rips after a few more seconds, and your chest explodes outwards. By now, your arms and legs have swollen to twice their size, and it's getting really hard to move them around - your bulging muscles and flab keep getting in the way. It's paying off, though; you're finding it's now much easier to stay standing, and you feel ten times stronger. Your growth stops, and you try moving the bed again.

You shove it to the side easily, and it shatters against the opposite wall. Clothes and wood splinters are everywhere. You grin at your newfound power, then inspect the crack in the ground. It's small, but with enough pressure, it'll probably burst right open. You ball up your fist and punch straight through the floorboard without hesitation. The crack grows around your meaty hand, then spreads all over the room. The floor collapses.

You land heavily, and are glad to find that your extra fat and muscle has cushioned you from the fall. It's still painful, though. You groan and sit up, and find yourself in...

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