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You're about to leave the room in search of your supposedly magic uniform, when you remember that you're in a hospital. And apparently you fell 3 stories. Obviously there'd be questions asked if you suddenly got up and started walking around the building in search of your uniform. You'll have to wait until night time or something; then you can grab the uniform and get out of here. You get back into bed and wait.

Many hours later, the lights finally go out in the hallway and the building falls silent. Now or never - hopefully there aren't any emergency surgeries tonight. You tiptoe to the door and slide it open, then step into the corridor and realise you don't know where you're supposed to go. Storage, perhaps? You need a map.

After getting lost three times and almost being caught by guards, you finally find a map of the facility. This is one weird hospital - the patients' belongings are stored in the basement, for some reason. You sigh and make your way to the stairs, then go down to the lower floors. You walk past the different doors, and after several minutes find the one labeled "Patients' assets and belongings". You push it open, and find yourself in what seems to be a warehouse - shelves full of random items stretch off into the distance. You'll never find your uniform in here!

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