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Safety firs-- nope.

The lunch break ends, and you get back to your job. That short rest worker wonders - you feel like you could lift an elephant. Then again, you weigh about the same, so that wouldn't really be that much of an accomplishment. You grin, then heft a rather large pipe over your shoulder. This one's supposed to go to the upper levels; you'll have to take the elevator. After a short walk (about 5 minutes), you reach the platform and hit the "3" button. The lift creaks and groans under your weight, but manages to set off anyway, albeit slower than usual. It reaches the second level without incident, but halfway to the third floor, it suddenly shakes and comes to a halt. You consider leaping to the scaffolding, but before you can, the elevator finally buckles under your weight and you plummet to the ground.

You wake up a while later with a splitting headache. You groan and open your eyes, and find yourself in a hospital ward. You sit up with a bit of difficulty, and take a look around. The room's mostly empty, apart from you and the bed you're currently in. You're about to get out of bed and head outside when a nurse walks in.

"Oh good, you're awake." they say.

"Yeah I am. What happened?"

"Construction accident. You fell off the elevator. Luckily your fat softened most of the damage."

"Fat?" you ask.

"Well, when you were bought in, you weighed about 450 kgs. The padding cushioned you from impact."

"But..." you say, "I'm not fat! Never have been!"

"Well, records and eye-witnesses would say otherwise. It is quite fascinating how you shrank so much after your uniform was removed..." The nurse's name is called from the hallway. "Sorry, have to go."

After they leave, you get out of the bed and take a look in the mirror. Apart from some bruising, you seem fine - your definitely don't look like you fell three stories. Maybe what the nurse said was true? You need to get another look at your uniform.

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