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An instruction manual?

You're about to just give up and leave when you see some sort of control panel. It's nothing much, really - just a keyboard and a screen. You try typing in your name on a whim, then press enter. The console beeps, and the shelves start moving; it's a conveyer system! The thing spends several minutes transporting your stuff to the door, but they get to you eventually. The uniform is neatly folded, and your watch and several other belongings are with it. You take them all and put them in your pockets, then pull out the uniform. Time to see if this thing really did make you fat.

You strip, then pull on the pieces one at a time. When you reach the overalls, a slip of paper falls out. An instuction manual? You put down the overalls, then unfold it and take a look.

Worker-O-Matic Uniform

Got workers that seem a little unfit for the job? Need men with more bulk? Then look no further! With the new Worker-O-Matic uniform, you'll have them beefed up in no time! Choose from a variety of styles, including Buff, Fat, or just plain Big!

To use, simply have your worker put all the parts of the uniform on. Within minutes, they'll be bulked up and ready for the job, and none the wiser about it! That's right, the Worker-O-Matic Uniform has a built-in memory warper! However, if you want to disable it, simply access the Options wheel, located in the pocket of the pants. The Options wheel also has several other functions, including...

You check the pocket of the pants, and sure enough, the "Options wheel" is in there. You pull it out and take a look.

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