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Potions and pastries.

"Well? Get up, we still have to make the potion." Says Agatha as you wake up from a short nap. You then recall that Agatha said she can't make potions any more, meaning that you'll be doing a little cooking of your own.

Agatha guides you back to her lab, and you spend the next hour putting together ingredients at her direction, with her correcting you whenever you attempt a short cut or making what she views as a mistake. She is very harsh, but you admit that she is very efficient at getting things done right the first time. You combine several iridescent mushrooms, what you assume are insect wings, and a few plants your pretty sure no botanist has ever set eyes on to the potion, which in the end boils down and 'poofs' into an almost powdery looking liquid of multicolored hue.

"Alright, that's perfect," says Agatha, admiring the work, "A little more training and you'd almost pass as a wizard. Now, this potion will fool the senses of anyone viewing you, so touch, hearing or sight, they will perceive you as your normal self." She scoops the potion something akin to a perfume bottle. "A spray of this should last you an hour, but remember, it will only last as long as a person has no reason to believe anything is amiss, so avoid tight doors or crowds where your size will knock people over, or you may break the illusion."

"And what about my weight?" You ask, wondering what the witch had put together to make you gain 100 pounds in an hour or so. The witch pulls out a small pie the size of a tart. "That's it?" you ask, wondering how exactly it was going to do the trick when there couldn't possible be any magic involved, "Oh trust me," she replies, "This will do the trick." she tosses it to you, and you instinctively snap it up midair. You almost lose balance as the small tart almost drags your jaw to the ground. She wasn't kidding, the thing weighs what feels like a ton, though realistically, you concede that it probably is about 100 pounds.

You chew on the pie, which feels think and hard before swallowing it down and feeling your body sink firmly onto the ground as the weight settles into your middle. Fortunately it seems not to be bulking you out the way you expected, though from the heavy feeling in your stomach, your not sure if that will account when you actually start digesting the thing. But at least you feel somewhat normal as far as your balance goes. Your still wobbling with every step, but your no longer in danger of launching yourself into the air whenever you move.

You check the time, your boss will be showing up soon. "Ok, I'll see if I can take care of this and then we'll se about the blackroot." you say, waddling off to get the paper you wrote, taking the bottle of glamour with you as you bound down the stairs, which is so much easier now that you don't weight as much as you look or float like a balloon. Once you have your papers, you weight at the castle entrance until your boss knocks, spray the potion on yourself, and open the door...

Written by Spots

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