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First things first.

After mulling it over for a few minutes, you decide to go with Agatha's plan to disguise you; although you still have your doubts whether it'll work or not.

"So," you say, "how much do I need to gain to get back to a normal weight?"

Agatha grabs a surprisingly modern set of scales from one of the shelves, and beckons for you to stand on it. You do so, only to find the numbers are blocked from view by your gut. Agatha can see the numbers perfectly though.

"Well, you currently weigh about 50 pounds, plus my heaviness potion, so..."

You groan. You're gonna have to gain hundreds of pounds just to get back to a realistic weight! And no doubt almost all of it will go to your stomach.

Agatha begins bustling around the kitchen, grabbing random items off the shelves and flipping through the pages of her huge cookbook. You consider helping her, but then realise you have no idea what she's doing and plonk yourself down in a chair to watch. You check your watch; 4 hours till the boss will want to see you. That's plenty of time for now.

You yawn and stretch; you spent almost all night reading through those books - you need some sleep. Besides, you can't go to your boss half-asleep. Agatha's still working on the potion when your eyes fall shut.

Written by Pyronator

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