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Breakfast invitation

You worry that the potion did not work, as you still see yourself as the big bloated wolf that you are, but as your boss looks at you, you don't see any surprise, shock or hesitation in his eyes, rather, you see recognition. "Have you got our story ready?" he says bluntly, looking a bit impatient. Considering you made him wait another day, you guess you can understand his frustrations. "Eh... yes, it's right here." you say, handing over the document which he begins to look over. "Hmmmm..." he murmurs, and his expression does not look pleased. "Not really your best work, I must say." He flips to another page, "But I guess that's what we can expect from a run down place like this."

You feel a little relieved, at least you don't seem to be in trouble or anything. "So, is there anything else you need?" you ask, wondering if you can slip away and get started fixing the rest of your problems. "Not so fast," your boss says, a stern tone in his voice, "We need to discuss some things." he says, "Come on, we'll go get breakfast at the pub and get down to business."

"Ummmm, I've already..." you start, hoping you could avoid going into public by saying you had already eaten, but you stomach interrupts you with a loud grumble to signify that if anything it was ready for some more grub. Blasted curse! "I mean..." you say, trying to think of another excuse. You boss doesn't look ready to take no for an answer, "It won't take too long, and you sound famished. Come on, it's on me."

With no excuse, you hesitantly trudge after him out of the castle and begin the trek into town.

Written by Spots

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