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Man, what a day.

By the end of the day, you've made about 50 trips all over the worksite. You're absolutely soaked to the bone with sweat, and your clothes stick to you like crazy. You go to the changing stall and peel off the overalls and singlet, then loosen your belt and take off the pants. Free of the clothing, your fat figure sags outward a small amount, and you feel a little better. You take a shower to clean yourself up, then grab your normal clothes and attempt to squeeze them onto your body. Sadly, they're still far too small - your shirt can't get past your breasts, and your pants can't seem to cover that tank-sized ass of yours very well. But, after several minutes of struggling, you manage to pull the pants up as far as they'll go. Sure, they only cover about half of your ass, but it's good enough. You guess you'll just have to cope with having your belly exposed, though. You pack up the rest of your stuff, then grab the uniform and leave the stall. You're about to leave he change room itself when your pants fall down.

Laughter breaks out among your workmates, and you groan in embarrassment. You pull them up and tighten the belt, then leave in a hurry. You dump your uniform in the washing basket, then head for the parking lot. By the time you reach your car, you've calmed down slightly. You drive home without much incident, then to inside and plonk down on the sofa. What a day. You're not really sure how you managed it, but you did your job surprisingly well, even with that stupidly huge uniform. The boss must've mistaken you for one of the other guys or something - man, they were huge! You could've sworn one of them was at least 5 times your size. Why would the boss even let a guy as small as you onto a worksite full of giants like that? One of them might've squashed you flat! But you guess it doesn't really matter though, because a job's a job, and it's getting you some money. You earned about $198 today, which isn't too bad.

You check the time, then make yourself some dinner and watch TV until about 11pm, then go to bed.

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