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B.I.G Inc.

A few hours of heavy lifting later, the boss calls a break. You dump the load you're currently carrying, then grab your lunch bag and plonk yourself down on some scaffolding to eat. The metal beam creaks beneath your massive weight, but it holds itself together easily. You open the bag to find a measly meal - all you packed was a sandwich. You finish it off in two bites, and your growling stomach tells you that it was nowhere near enough to fill you. You look around at the other workers, and sure enough, they have more than enough food to sustain their equally large bodies.

You've noticed that all these guys are about the same size as you; everyone on the worksite (excluding the boss) weighs at least 200 kg. Most of the workers are bound in muscle, although there are a few (such as you) who have an extra helping of fat on the side. Some more than others. One of the guys sitting relatively close to you is twice your size, both in width and weight. The beam that he's sitting on is visibly straining under his preposterous poundage, and audibly creaks and groans with his slightest movements. Then he stands up and walks over to the trash can, and you realise just how big he is. every step he takes sends huge ripples over his flabby body, which is visibly drooping towards the ground. He reaches the bin and dumps his rubbish, then takes a rest and begins the journey back to his spot. Now that you have a front view, it's even more transfixing; every part of him bounces when he walks, and none more so than his gut. The huge rotund ball slaps against his thighs every time he takes a step, then rebounds and bounces up before settling back to its normal position. It's amazing to watch.

Your concentration is broken by the sound of your new bosses' voice, telling you to get back to work. You glance at the man in question, and smirk at how ridiculous he looks - a normal-sized man surrounded by giants. But, you set your mind to the job at hand, and grab a large pipe with the label 'level two'. You heft the package onto your shoulder with a loud *grunt*, then walk over to the elevator and punch the '2' button. The machinery shudders, then screams as it slowly lifts your bulk skywards. It reaches the second level after a few seconds, and you deposit your cargo. After tipping your head to the workers, you go back down for your next trip.

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