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Intricately Planned Parenthood

You're incredulous at what you just heard. "...You need my help? I find that kind of hard to believe."

"Yes," the dragon replies with clear impatience, "I need your help."

"You'll forgive me if I'm not really sure how that is. I mean, it seems like you made a deal with a bunch of werewolves to fatten me up, and I'm not sure why. Not that I'm complaining, mind-" you add, noting the dragon's perturbed expression and deciding not to antagonize anyone that much bigger than even yourself, "-but I'm having trouble following why you did that, exactly."

The dragon sighs, seeming to relax a little and taking your point. She begins again: "I need your help because I'm pregnant. I can feel I'm about to lay my clutch in the next week or so and since my good-for-nothing drake's gone now, I'll need someone to sit on my eggs when I can't do it myself."

You're beginning to see where this is going. "Okay, but what's that got to do with fattening me up?"

The dragon looks a bit frustrated again, assuming you'd have figured that out yourself. "Dragon eggs are big. You need a big body to keep a whole clutch warm all at once, and of all you littles werewolves are the only species that can get fat enough to do it without any consequences."

You're not sure how to feel about being referred to as a "little" or the idea that being barely able to move isn't a consequence, but you decide not to push your luck. You instead continue, "So you had the other werewolves fatten me up so you could have someone else to sit on your eggs? Was... was that plan A?"

The dragon seems exasperated by this question, but not towards you so much as the question itself. "It was maybe plan E, but it was the only one that panned out, so here we are."

"Okay," you reply, "so where did you plan to go from here, exactly?"

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