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Here we go again...

Oh, not this again. You have to ask. "What do you mean, 'finish fattening me up'? If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of hefty as is."

"I had noticed, actually," the dragon replies with a huff, "but you're still not big enough. You'd only cover maybe three or four of my eggs at the moment, and I know I'm due to lay quite a few more than that."

You're not about to let this go, however; you're already as big as two cars put together -- and a couple American sedans at that, mind, not some little European roadsters or anything -- and all you can really think is that, above all else, you simply cannot afford to get any bigger. "I'm gonna have to protest here. Getting fatter isn't really something I'm in the market to do-"

"Oh, don't give me that," replies the dragoness, cutting you off. "You were all too happy to enlarge yourself back with those other werewolves, by the looks of your..." She looks up and down your abundant body while searching for the right words. "...your everything. I know a glutton when I see one."

Well, she has you there. You didn't really even question what all that food and drink had been doing to you, and you had honestly enjoyed being all this wolf, feeling yourself expand into a small mountain of fur and flesh. Still, you aren't quite ready to take the dragon's deal on this. "Alright, but what did you plan to do?"

"I'm going to give you a magical potion I've procured to stimulate your appetite and make it so your body can handle a lot of extra food all at once for about a week or so. Then, I feed you non-stop for that week or until I have to lay. Don't worry," she says, noting your skeptical expression, "I'm a good cook. I've had a few centuries to practice. After that, we take turns on the eggs until they hatch and once that's done, you're free to go."

This all sounds a little forceful to your ears, but that gluttonous impulse in the back of your mind is yelling at you to take the opportunity. More out of curiosity than anything, you ask: "...and if I refuse?"

"Then I tie you up, give you the potion anyway, force-feed you until you'll never walk again, leave you to sit on my eggs the entire gestation and then probably feed you to the hatchlings."

That sounds very forceful; you're especially concerned about that last part. Taking the dragoness's offer is sounding more and more like the sensible decision. Still, you figure you're still a little mobile, and you might be able to make a run for it if you go now. What do you do?

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