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You suddenly understand jack shit.

You reach the end of the hall surprisingly fast. You quickly find yourself before a small room, bathed in that warm light that you've been following. You walk in and take a look around - it seems to be a bedroom. Who'd stick a bedroom at the end of a long hallway? You decide it doesn't really matter though - there are stranger things about this place than that. First of all, none of the drawers open. You try all of them, but none of them budge an inch. It's like they're glued into the dressers or something.

You also notice that the bed seems far too big for any normal person - it's almost triple the size of any bed you've ever seen. An ornate mirror hangs on the wall above the dresser, but there's something wrong with it - it doesn't seem to show the room you're currently in - rather, it constantly shifts between different reflections. One moment it's a hallway, the next it's a bathroom, and the next it's showing a shack in the woods.

After searching the room and finding no other way out, you decide to go back to he hall. Maybe it'll lead you back to your house? It couldn't hurt to try. You turn to the door, only to find it's not there anymore - now there's just a bare wall in its place. Now what're you going to do?

Written by an anonymous author

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