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...and we're back to being fat asses.

This is all probably just a dream, you decide. That would explain all the weird stuff that's happening. Now you just need to figure out how to wake yourself up. You try pinching your arm, but all that does is sting. Ok, so maybe this is one of those 'vivid dreams' people talk about. You're not waking up that way anytime soon. You try willing yourself to wake up, but that doesn't do anything. Perhaps you should just wait this out. You'll wake up when you wake up, and you'll just have to deal with it for now. You sigh and plonk down on the bed, staring vacantly at the mirror. Your reflection shimmers on its surface for several seconds, before warping into another face. Curious, you take a closer look. the mirror seems to be holding this image for alot longer than any of the others. The face in the mirror is that of a fat, bearded man with what seems like 600 pounds too many. Then the image shimmers again, and your face returns to its surface.

You wake up a while later, with no recollection of ever falling asleep. Looking around, you find yourself back in your room, with sunlight streaming through the window. You sit up groggily, and your gut lands with a loud plop on your legs. You scratch it absently, then lumber to the bathroom. You look into the mirror sleepily, and your fat, hairy reflection stares back at you. A thick fuzz of facial hair covers the area at used to be your neck, but is now a set of jiggling chins. Your large breasts rest on your heavy gut, which hangs down to about knee-height. Your arms are encased in thick layers of muscle and fat, as are your legs. You stare at your reflection for a while, then your brain finally starts working again and your mouth drops open in shock.

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