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What is this, Sims?

Desk? What desk? There's no desk in the roo-

You turn around and discover that there's a desk in the corner that you're pretty sure wasn't there before. There's a laptop sitting on it, plugged into the wall. You approach it cautiously, then sit down and power up the computer. It opens onto a 3D editing program, which is currently displaying a room that looks suspiciously like the one you're in right now. Correction - it is the room, complete with a virtual 'player' sitting at the desk. Interesting. You click on the bed out of curiosity, and a window pops up, with a set of options. You hit the 'recolour' option out of boredom, and the virtual bed turns bright pink. You turn around and look at the actual bed, and surprisingly, it has changed too. You can edit the room using this program - maybe you could make an exit!

You get to work...

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