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Tiger, Devil. Devil, Tiger..

Suddenly, to your shock, Morgana collapses and the lantern containing the spark hits the floor. The spark explodes in a flash of green and scarlet.. And a small explosion rocks Morgana's lair as the body of Kalibyrn explodes.

"What the...," you murmur, kneeling next to Morganas body. You place your fingers to her neck - but you can't detect a pulse! Someone - or something - killed the most powerful creature on earth without a bit of effort!

"Her, the most powerful creature on Earth? You underestimate ME, 'Tiger'," hisses an insidious voice. You whirl around to see a shadow, skulking in the darkness of the corridors.

"Who are you?! Show yourself!" you bellow. Morgana may have been evil, but to just kill her like that.. That was just wrong! Not honourable, not brave - an insidious, cowardly TRICK!

"Yes, exactly... that's how I work. Stealthily, intelligently... sneakily.. " The shadowy one appears to be enjoying your discomfort. You yell in rage.

"SHOW YOURSELF, COWARD!!!!!" you roar, your skin flashing red once more. You've killed a Dragon, been elected head of an army dedicated to world domination, and turned into a troll. Mind-boggling, but true. But you can't stand some pussy-ass assasin mocking you from the shadows!

"Mocking FROM the shadows... ? What if I AM the shadows? What if, when I come forth, the shadows follow?" the insidious voice hisses, and you see something black... black as night, black as pitch, black as oblivion. A clawed hand. Then it sinks back into the shadows.

"That's ridiculous!" you sneer.

"Really? Well, I must be doing the impossible," hisses the creature. To your surprise, he steps forth - and the shadows DO follow him! He's still cloaked in complete darkness. All you can detect are two bright red - scarlet, in fact - eyes, glaring at you malevolently.

"Who... who are you?" you whisper, dropping to your knees. Morgana may have been impressive, but this guy seems to hold nature at his command! You get the feeling he could order the Earth to swallow you up, or the balcony to collapse and crush you, or your very skin to shrivel up like bark.

"Me... ? I am the creator of Morgana. A world without strife is a world of supreme boredom. It's a long story, involving a bet I made with God... " hisses the creature. You see something in the shadows for a moment... a creature vaguely human shaped, but about ten feet tall.

"You made a bet with GOD?!" you gasp, now utterly awestruck. You tell yourself mentally you've finally gone nuts... the warning signs were all there, but this is the confirmation you needed. You've gone ga-ga.

"Yes, I made a bet with God - and you're not ga-ga. I am a creature of power equal to 'Gods' - and I do not require belief and followers to keep going, although I have as many as they do. I am known by many names - The Dark One, Khaan, Realmmaster, Shadowbeast..." the creature seems to enjoy being an enigma, seems to enjoy riddles.

"Get to the point," you hiss, although a deep fear has been awoken within you.

"Cloven-feet, Goatsucker, hornhead, impslaughterer..." the list goes on, more and more little facts being revealed.

"GET TO THE POINT!!!" you yell. You feel true fear, awoken deep inside you. You feel shaken to the very core of your being. The creature slowly advances upon you.



"SATAN!" The final one galvanizes you into action. You run as fast as you can - not looking over your shoulder once! You hurtle through dungeons, down stairs, through corridors at breakneck speed, escaping from the most mighty and evil creature of all time.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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