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Gods bet - and how it involves you.

You finally come to the castle entrance/exit... and discover that the shadow has already engulfed it.

"Oh... no... No, no, no!!" you yell, pounding the floor and causing cracks to appear. "LET ME OUT! I WON'T DO ANYTHING! No, please!! Please!!" you beg hysterically, saying ridiculous things to try and get rid of the Shadow.

"SILENCE! It was already decided that you would be the Agent of Light in this matter... whereas my son shall be the Agent of Darkness." The creature has adopted a tone as though he was a Priest, preaching - his voice is darkly righteous.

"What are you talking about?!" you roar, thrashing your arms wildly at the advancing shadow - but, to your horror, the shadow clings to your arms, making them heavy and slow.

"These are high matters. Long ago, when God triumphed over me, I swore that in less than 5 billion years, I would get my revenge. A final apocalypse - a final battle. God chooses a warrior and I choose one - and they battle to the death. God chose you long ago... only a few hundred years after the bet was decided. And he prepared you all that time, finally bringing you to Earth not 30 years ago. So - Ready for the battle?! "

This is ridiculous, this is preposterous, this is - just - weird! But you can already tell that this IS Satan - it's the most powerful creature on Earth, and it wants you to battle its son. To buy time, you ask him questions.

"So.. This whole thing was some kind of test?" you ask, trying to thrash away more shadow with your arms, and gathering yet more black mass.

"Oh, yes. A test to prove your worthiness. I created Morgana some thousand years ago to see the job done - she did a good job of disposing of God's old champion, Arthur. She even stole his sword, Excalibur, and tainted it. Now it is a monstrous mockery to God's will. All battles go that way, eventually - God or I may win, it matters not. Either way, in later times, my followers will taint all remnants of the battle. God only buys time - he doesn't truly win. " this creature is arrogant, you can tell that immeadiately. He loves to boast.

"Arrogant, am I?!" he bellows... and suddenly the shadow redoubles, and you see him for the first time.

He's nothing like what you imagined him - you expected a creature ten feet tall with horns and goat's legs. But what you see is a creature ten feet tall composed entirely of shadow! His legs, arms, torso... all shadow! He's immensley thin, with great burning red eyes. His 'hair' is totally black, like the rest of him, and stands up on his head in great wavy spikes. He has no legs - he instead simply tapers off into nothingness. He floats. He seems to be nothing more than a tall, thin shadow... but you sense immense power radiating from him, and you can tell this is just a form he likes to assume. His real form would likely be far worse.

"Enough stalling. IT IS TIME FOR THE FIGHT!" bellows Beelzebub, and the shadow engulfs you. When you regain consciousness, you are standing in the pit of an old Roman Colosseum. One side is full of monstrous creatures - imps, great purple demons, bulls with human heads, humans with bulls' heads, snake-creatures... anything unpleasant is there. The other side is full of good, wholesome creatures - mainly cherubs and leprechauns, but you see a few white-robed angels with golden hair scattered among them, and even a few truly powerful celestial beings - comprised entirely of light, they radiate a pure and beautiful power. Two balconies stand just above the Arena Pit, held up by poles, that reach into the pit itself. On the Hades side, it is full of shadows, and red eyes gleam from it. The Heavenly side has God in it!

God is, too, nothing like you imagined him - he is like a wholesome version of Satan's form. Entirely white and human shaped, you can make out a good, handsome face - but that's all, as he's obscured. Not by shadows, but by cloud.

"IN THIS CORNER - WEIGHING IN AT 7 HEAVENLY HARMZOILS AND 2057840 HELLISH MINIMICROMOLECULES.. HEAVENS CHAMPION... KAAAL!" Kaal? Your name isn't Kaal! But then, you finally look down on yourself. Gone is the green flesh and ugly tatoos - now, you see a muscular, white-fleshed body. You are dressed in heavenly attire and you clutch a spear.

"AND IN THIS CORNER, WEIGHING IN AT 494 HEAVENLY HARMZOILS AND 42398986794126476128425684154123478461746 HELLISH MINIMICROMOLECULES... DEEPEST DWELLER AND FOULEST CREATURE... HELLS CHAMPION... DAAAAIMMOOONNNNN!!!" you get the feeling the announcer is Hellish - it's confirmed when you see an enormous teetering box, placed on the highest Arena level, and occupied by a purple imp. But your attention is distracted from all this, finally, by your competitor - DAIMON.

Daimon is horrific! He looks EXACTLY like a storybook devil - he's about thirty feet tall, for a start. He has hairy legs and cloven feet, great horns curled beside his head, and eyes of emerald green. He clutches a black trident with one enormous, muscular, black hairy hand.


"FIIIIIIIGHT!" the Purple Imp howls.

Oh, shit.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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