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Dragon VS Troll - Place yer bets!

"Kalibryn... ?" you gasp.

"Yes, Tiger. Not a willing addition - but he became new champion roughly ten minutes ago, when he lunged in through the main entrance and killed my former Champ, Sarougn. Another challenger, already... this should be good." Morgana appears to be enjoying this. Her eyes gleam with that spark - bright red, scarlet, nearly. As this happens, she floats up onto a balcony, high above you, the lantern still clutched in her delicate yet powerful hands.

"I am fighting not for bloodlust, but for my spark! TASTE MY WRATH!" Kalibryn doesn't recognize you! He lunges down, smashing your sword out of your grasp. You lunge to grab it, but find a circle of flames has appeared around you, blocking you from reaching it. Apparently the 'Spark' is trying to help Kalibryn!

"Kalibryn... it's me!" you whisper.

"Yes, it's you - a monster who, according to Morgana, achieved this privilege by killing two other minions of hers!" Kalibryn is practically bristling with rage, preparing for another attack.

"Kill... ?" you gasp, staring at Morgana. You see a glint in her soulless eyes. 'You defeated them - I disposed of them.' the glint seems to say, without words. That wild, Trollish bloodlust flows through you again, and you leap at Kalibryn. He brings his tail around and easily smashes you to the ground, before pinning you with his scaly red foot. The rage seems to pinnacle... and to your shock, your flesh suddenly glows a bright red!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" you bellow, and seem to swell in size and power. Using every last bit of this new brute strength, you leap up, toppling Kalibryn. You grab him by the tail while he is momentarily stunned, and swing him through the air before letting him go and watching him arc... nearly gracefully... through the air. He smashes into a pillar, knocking out a section of the roof, and burying himself in rubble.

"Excellent. No Troll of mine has ever gone into Beserker stage on the day of their creation!" Morgana appears very pleased, as she floats down next to you. The spark appears to have lost all hope - it has gone dark and cold, and only occasionally changes into a Dragon - one with no eyes and a drooping tail.

Well, congratulations, Tiger. You're stuck in the body of a Troll, general of an army poised to take over the Earth, and now the reason you even UNDERWENT this mission is extinguished - and the person - well, dragon - who set the task is dead. What the hell do you do now?!

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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