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Sneak tickle

From the rafters you are perfectly above the rather attractive giantess and have a clear shot down her blouse. Sick of waiting you decide to just go for it, dive off and land directly on the sleepy giantess' chest she only just notices the gentle landing in time to see you slip between her cleavage and trickle across her tummy, instantly he start to squirm and laugh. "Hehehey! Wuhuhu w-wuhut are yooohoohohohoh staaaahahahahap!" She bellows reaching down her shirt to grab you, but your running across her belly to get away only tickles more, until you dive into her deep belly button, this instantly sends her into new fits of laughter. "NOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOO GEEHEHEHEHE AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She can't even speak when you start to tickle inside her belly button. Looks like Giants are extremely ticklish to. While she rolls on the floor Your dragon manages to slip out the hole. The giantess is curled on the floor clutching her abs and laughing hysterically you need to look for your opening to get away.

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