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Getting out

It's remarkable just how sensitive this giants belly button is, you're not even trying to. Her constant flailing around is throwing you around in her navel, just bopping around her belly button is driving the Giant woman crazy. It's funny how hard the giant is laughing at this, you've actualy become a little distracted from escaping, you just want to keep teasing her. As the gaint is flopping around you grab a hunk of skin in your hands to hold yourself in place and firmly dig your feet into the bottom of her navel even this little action forces great shrieks out of her. You're having to much fun tickling her to leave so you start squeezing the skin of her belly button again and send her back into hystarics. Tears rolling from her eye's the giant beggs for this unknown source to stop tickling while rolling around she tears her shirt and diggs her finger into her navel trying to pick you out but instead pins you to the bottom of her deep belly button. Your wriggling still tickles like crazy but she still manages to pin you down pushing her finger into her belly button while squirming and giggling uncontrolably. Unable to move, another quick idea comes to you, it's very hard to breath beeing squished into her tummy but you take a deep breath pucker your lips push your face hard into her belly buttons flesh and blow 

Written by Nunyo Biness

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