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Slip away

The giantess seems to really cherish dragon as a pet, she never lets go of her leash and keeps dragon next to her no matter where she goes you decide to wait in the rafters above until you can get dragon away from her. Dragon can't stand the leash she pulls and bites at it constantly while she tries to reason with her captor. "Pleas let me go, I'm already a humans dragon" She pleads "No! your my dragon, I want you your my pet mine!" The giantess bellows, "I'll be a good master, I can feed you and pet you and scratch your belly all day!" she reaches out and scratches the dragons belly again throwing her into hysterical laughter apparently giants are giants are very selfish creatures. After waiting for hours it's pretty obvious she's never going to put dragon down you'll need to distract her and hope dragon figures a way out. You manage to get dragons attention and point to the giant hole in the wall she see's it but doesn't understand how she's going to get out of the giants clutches.

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