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A test of morality.

A bed of spikes. An exploding house. Rabid wolves. Lethal staircases. Ex-girlfriends. It keeps happening.


You wake up from what must be your 100th death. The taste of poison is still fresh on your tongue, and your body aches. You wearily stand up, but collapse immediately, your tortured body unable to keep itself steady. The leprechaun doesn't let you sleep or eat, and it's taken it's toll. You groan and pull yourself up, then stumble towards the door, not reading the red sign placed on it. The door swings open, and you tumble into the confines of a searing incenerator, dying instantly.

And as expected, find yourself somewhere completely different, unharmed and alive, in what appears to be a deserted train station. A pay phone near you begins ringing. You sigh, then make your way towards it, bringing it to your ear and hearing the leprechauns voice.

"How're you going, laddie?" He's mocking you.

"I'm doing fine, I guess. Yknow, dying, stuff like that." You sigh. "So what is it this time, lep? Are you gonna run me over with a train or something?"

The leprechaun's laughter cackles in your ear. "Tempting. But sadly, no. I have something better."


"Turn around."

You do so, seeing nothing different about the station. "What?"

"There are two doors." The leprechaun says.

"Those are the toilets. So?"

"I'm giving you a choice."

You pause. "What kind of choice?"

The leprehaun chuckles. "The door on the left will let you out, but it'll place someone close to you in your place. The other one will kill you, and continue the cycle."

"So you expect me to choose between my own life and someone else's. what kind of sicko are you?"

More laughter, then the phone goes dead. You put it back and walk to the doors, thinking over the leprechaun's deal. What do you do?

Written by an anonymous author

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