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More choices.

You decide to endure the leprechaun's torture. You bought this on yourself, anyway. You push open the door, and find yourself in the spacious bathroom. There's a noose hanging from the pipes and a small chair - pretty self-explanatory.

many deaths later...

You didn't even think it was possible for someone to die like that. But hey, you just did, so that's that. You sigh and remain lying on the ground. Maybe if you stay still, you'll survive a bit longer this time. Nothing can go wrong if you just sit tight, right? A rumbling noise proves you wrong, and the ceiling collapses on you.

That is it. You can't take this anymore. You scream and bash your fists against the walls of the unfamiliar room, kicking at the door and throwing objects around.

"Having some anger issues, are we?"

"SHUT UP!" You yell at the disembodied voice. "I am sick and tired of my life being treated like some sort of game! I'm done!"

"Perhaps we can come to an agreement..." The leprechaun appears next to the door. "You let me transform you into whatever I want, and I promise to not kill you ever again."

You think for a bit. "What do you mean by that?"

"I change you into something, you don't complain. I change you as many times as I want. In return, you don't die anymore."

"Do I have any other options?"

"The other two offers still stand - switch with someone, or keep on dying." He disappears in a puff of dust.

You have three choices:

1: Let the leprechaun transform you into whatever he wants, as many times as he wants.

2: Switch places with someone you know.

3: Dont change anything and just keep dying.

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