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The leprechaun shrugs. "Anything?"

"Hell yes."

You run around the house like an idiot, doing whatever the heck you want. The maids join you in your celebration, and soon the mansion is filled with sound, loud enough do drown out the storm outside. While partying, you realise the leprechaun's disappeared, and call him. He doesn't appear. You try again, and again, but he's still not coming. Odd. You search the house for him, going through all the rooms. You can't find him. One of the maids suggests you search the basement, and you descend the stairs. It looks like the house goes deep underground - there's an elevator shaft heading down. You take the lift, arriving in a hallway. A steel door stands before you, and you can hear shouting from the other side. You open it and walk into a humongous room, filled to the brim with food and technology. A huge figure sits in an ornate throne, issuing non-stop commands to no one in particular. As you draw closer, you begin to make out some of the words-

"More cake!" the giant bellows. "More women! Make me fatter!" A flurry of sparks fill the room, and you are suddenly surrounded by beautiful women and chocolate cake. The figure swells and his already large gut grows over his legs as he gains weight. He laughs loudly, then notices you staring at him. "What are you doing here?!"

"Steve? Is that you?"

"Of course it's me, dipshit."

He's really abused his wishes - gaining more than twice his previous weight and turning himself into some sort of king is going a bit far. You suddenly notice a small green figure locked in a cage, and realise that it's the leprechaun. Of course; Steve's been making so many wishes, the leprechaun doesn't have time for anything else. He looks exhausted.

"This is going too far Steve! You need to stop!"

"Oh yeah? Who's gonna make me?"

Written by an anonymous author

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