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A compromise.

"Look." You say. "While you were having fun being a huge fatass, you made it really hard for everyone else to get around this house. So I'd ask you to TRY to stay at a normal size, ok?"

Steve laughs. "And you really expect me to go along with your little 'plan'? I don't think so."

"Fine. If you won't follow our rules, then you'll have to pay the price."

Steve stops laughing. "What kind of price...?"

"The kind that'll have you screaming in terror."

He freezes at the thought of torture, then sighs. "Fine."

"Good." You think for a bit. "We need to work out a plan that'll have everyone happy. You ok with that?"

Steve nods. "What were you thinking of?"

You think some more. "Maybe you could have a separate room where you can get as big as you want, without disrupting anyone else. You could fill the room with whatever you want, and just do anything. What do you think of that?"

Steve ponders for a few seconds. "Fine," he says, "you have a deal." You shake on it, then Steve disappears in a cloud of dust summoned by the leprechaun. Good riddance.

You turn to the leprechaun. "What do we do now?"

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