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Steve's a dick.

You wake up, and the sound of thunder immediately shatters your eardrums. Stupid storm. You call the leprechaun, and have him soundproof the entire house. The noise disappears instantly, and silence falls. You check the time - 9:00. You get dressed, then leave your room and begin the 10 minute walk to the end of the hallway. You pass the open door to Steve's room, and catch a glimpse of the outside world through the window. There's not much to see though - the rain and clouds are so thick you can't even see 5 metres. This storm's huge. You turn away from the window, and cotinue down the hall. When you reach the end, however, you are faced with an even bigger dilemma. The stairs are now scaled up to match Steve's humongous size, and the maids are struggling up and down the metre-high steps. That inconsiderate prick. You make some more wishes, and soon there is an automated transport system for normal-sized people to get up and down the stairs. That's better.

You make your way to the ground floor, then head through the rooms towards the dining room. When you reach it, you find Steve sitting at the table, stuffing his face with collossal amounts of food. He's already gained at least 100kgs since you last saw him. You turn to the leprechaun.

"What the heck?" You say. "I thought he couldn't grow any bigger!"

The leprechaun sighs and shakes his head. "He undid yer wish, laddie. I'm sorry." He shrugs. "That's the problem with having more than one wisher - one can undo the others wish, even forever wishes."

"Well that sucks."

"You could say that again."

you both watch Steve in silence. In only a few minutes, he's gained another 200kgs, and it shows - all of him droops towards the ground in folds and rolls, jiggling with every movement he makes. It's disgusting.

"Could you shrink him down?"

"Aye, laddie." The leprechaun snaps his fingers, and suddenly everything starts shrinking. Soon the room is back to normal, scaled down to average size. Steve stops eating and walks over to you.

"What was that for? I was eating!"

"Do you have any idea how hard it is for everyone else when the entire house is your size? It's impossible to do anything!"

"Do I look like I care?"

"F*ck you."

Written by an anonymous author

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