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Bigger is terrible.

Steve laughs, then yells at the leprechaun. "Oi! Shrimp!" He bellows at the cowering figure. "Lock him in chains!"

The leprechaun cringes, then unhappily snaps his fingers. You are immediately bound in metal chains, which snake their way around you and hoist you into the air. You squirm and struggle, but the chains are far too tight - you're trapped. Steve watches you struggle, laughing all the while.

"What now, Mr expert? You gonna wish for muscles or something?" He chuckles, then turns to the leprechaun. "Make him fat. You know, a fat hairy slob with at least 500kg too many."

The leprechaun sighs, but snaps his fingers. Immediately, the chains begin to grow tighter around you as you begin to swell. Soon the cold metal is digging into your soft flesh, and it starts getting harder to breathe. A beard starts growing over your chin(s) and hair begins sprouting all over your body. You can't see it, but you can feel it pushing its way out of your skin. You keep growing fatter, and the chains begin to creak and groan as your body grows bigger. Several chains snap, and fat oozes from the gaps. Steve watches your torture with amusement, then asks for it to be sped up. You immediately star packing on weight at a tremendous pace, and more chains snap off. Then the one holding you up breaks, and you plummet towards the ground. Luckily, the fat cushions the impact, and you bounce several times before coming to a rest. You sit up groggily, taking off the chains that haven't snapped already. You take off your ruined shirt as well, since it can't cover your growing gut too well. You groan as extra weight piles on, and your gut extends over your belt and droops towards the ground. The rest of your body grows at an amazing rate, and you can't help but admire how the fat accumulates over your body. Wait, what are you thinking? This is disgusting! You run at Steve, but he just waves his hand and you suddenly double in size and trip.

You haul your large body off the ground, and continue your charge against Steve. Your belly bounces around alot, and the rest of your body drags you down, but you somehow manage to build up speed. You charge forward, picking up speed and sending things flying. Steve waves his hand again, and suddenly your gut is scraping against the ground, and your huge thighs force you to slow down. You pant heavily, sweat rolling off your sagging body, and flop onto your generous ass. You try to say something, but your exertion has sapped you of all strength - all you can do is wheeze and pant. Steve laughs at you.

"Who's the fatass now, huh?"

You look at yourself; it's true, you're huge. You rub your hands over your hairy stomach, and it grumbles loudly, asking for food. You moan as your body fills with more fat, and feel your belly swell and jiggle. You somehow manage to get to your feet, and begin waddling slowly towards the throne, one heavy step after another. You have to lift your gut off the ground in order to move forward, and your thighs don't let you take normal steps, but you're moving. Your clothes are long-gone, and you're completely naked, but it doesn't matter. Steve seems surprised that you're still moving, but he just shrugs and waves his hand again. You swell like a balloon, and fall over again. This time, though, you're not getting up. You lie on your back, staring up at the ceiling and feeling the weight push you into the ground. A shadow looms over you, and you realise that Steve's standing over you. Unlike you, he's able to stand - the fat is spread more evenly over his body, and he has some extra muscle to boot. He pokes your still growing gut and laughs, then drags you to the throne and puts you in it. You stare at him angrily, unable to do much else.

"Oh come on. You should try enjoying this!"

Steve wishes you some extra clothes, which instantly grow tight around your frame and tear within seconds. Your sides press against the arms of the chair, and the weight of your gut forces your legs apart. You're a fat blob of lard, and you're still growing. What now?

Written by an anonymous author

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